24.09. 2015
Hello together!


Our new album was released some days ago at the Italian label AltrOck Productions and is now also available for streaming/downloading.

REVE GENERAL is a project of Metamorphosis and Volapuk
04.09. 2015
Next concert!

Reve General (Volapuk+Metamorphosis) will perform on the Rock in Opposition Festival 2015

Reve general at RIO festival 2015
09.11. 2014

REVE GENERAL (Metamorphosis/Volapük-1)

22. November 2014 - Les Hauts Plateaux, Avignon/France
27. Novembre 2014 - Le Brise Glace, Annecy/France
28. November 2014 - LA SOURCE, Fontaine/France
30.November 2014 - INDUSTRIESTRASSE 9, Luzern/CH
02. December 2014 - Le Théâtre Astrée, Lyon/France

Thanks to Österreichische Kulturforum Paris for the support!

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05.11. 2014
New project!

Three members of Volapük and Metamorphosis together form "Reve General", a new project which features two violins, two cellos, two guitars and drums. Upcoming concerts in November.

More infos soon...

vola puk metamorphosis
01.11. 2014
Metamorphosis feature by Peter Maximalist in the blog "Woasches", a journal which cares about music, food, beer and other essential things in life.

"Metamorphosis' music is a whirl of feelings alternating strength, poetry and rationality. It's the desirable evolution of a classical chamber string quartet that has the power to catch the attention of your brain not forgetting to stimulate your heart." 

Read the entire article.
15.08. 2013
Enjoy a full concert of Metamorphosis in HD, recorded live at Gogolfest 2013, Kiev (UA), 15.8.2013
05.08. 2013
We happily announce our short tour to the Ukraine in September 2013: 13.9.2013 - Jazz Festival Koktebel (UA) 14.9.2013 - Gogolfest Kiev (UA)
29.07. 2012
We are happy to announce, that Metamorphosis will play on the 25th of August at the festival "Gare aux Oreilles" (Avignon, France). Find more infos about this great festival here -> Festival Gare aux Oreilles
26.02. 2011
27.11. 2010
19.11. 2010
The Czech state radio interviewed Christoph Pajer right after the concert in Prague´s Palac Akropolis on November 16th. Read and/or listen here
12.11. 2010
The Prague Post about Metamorphosis: Band on the Run. read here
20.01. 2010
Stream and/or download all Metamorphosis albums -

<a href="">Northern Light by Metamorphosis</a>
23.07. 2009
29.05. 2009
Concert in Austria! 2.8.2009, Zisterstdorf, Analog Festival 2009, with Balanescu Quartet, Dva and others. More info:
27.03. 2009
Czech Republic Tour in September:

20.09.2009 - Znojmo - Na Věčností

21.09.2009 - Brno - Stará Pekárna

22.09.2009 - Praha - Kaštan

23.09.2009 - Pardubice - Divadlo 29

24.09.2009 - Kadaň - Klub Střelnice

26.09.2009 - Litoměřice - Hospoda U letního kina

02.05. 2008
HERE you can visit us at Myspace.
07.11. 2007

Metamorphosis live in Czech Republic and Austria

07.12. Divadlo 29, Pardubice/Czech Rep.
09.12. Rhiz, Vienna/Austria
14.04. 2007

Metamorphosis live in Czech Republic and France

03.05. Mondo Bizarro, Rennes/France
04.05. Festival La TerraTrema, Cherbourg/France
05.05. Cave a Musique, Macon/France
10.05. Festival Divadelni Flora - Olomouc/Czech Republic
01.06. Tribu Festival Dijon/France
28.01. 2007
The new Metamorphosis-Cd "LUFF" will be played by the Austrian Radiostation Ö1/Jazznacht (28.01.07, 23.30 - 0.00)
25.11. 2006

Leo Records is a host for artists like Sun Ra, Phil Minton, Anthony Braxton, Ikue Mori, Ganelin Trio, Art Ensemble Of Chicago...
Find samples of new Metamorphosis songs in the download section.
The new album is here available.
14.11. 2006
Metamorphosis at the Czech TV, tomorrow 15.11.2006 - Have a look! Program "Kosmopolis". If you speak czech, enjoy the program here
30.10. 2006

CD-presentations in Prag and Pardubice were great fun. Thanks to all that people who came to celebrate with us!!!
08.10. 2006

Metamorphosis live in CZ -

26.10. Divadlo 29, Pardubice/CZ
27.10. Palac Akropolis, Prag/CZ
26.09. 2006

"DIP" SOON SOLD OUT: While controlling our stock of cd´s, we just found out that there is the last 50 pieces of our album "DIP" for sale. If you want to buy it, you have to be quick... You can order them here.
05.09. 2006

Metamorphosis live in Russia -

02.10. "Живые люди" - Live-concert at (TV)Channel STO. Time: 22:05
05.10. Decadence, St.Petersburg/RU
06.10. Club OGI, Moscow/RU
07.10. Club Platforma, St.Petersburg/RU
28.06. 2006
The Metamorphosis website has been relaunched. New fotos, info, press kit, etc.
Check it out!
01.06. 2006
The Metamorphosis album "Contaminated Chamber Music" was sold out, but is now available again! To order this second edition click here.
29.11. 2005
German dancer and choreographer Daniela Lehmann developed a solo-piece to the Metamorphosis-song "Mina". The piece, also called Mina, won the award for the "Best dance-solo 2005 in Germany" at the Festival für zeitgenössisches Tanztheater in Leipzig.
17.03. 2005
Diagonale Filmfestival 2005, Graz (A) - Royal English Cinema - Metamorphosis is playing a live-improvised soundtrack to "Ekstase", a film by Gustav Machaty (CSR/A, 1933).
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